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Flower Tour – Summer Edition (includes Dahlia Gardens Visit) (Active and bookable)
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Flower Tour – Summer Edition (includes Dahlia Gardens Visit) (Active and bookable)

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Flower Tour Adult - Including Bike Rental
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Come and see the area where more than a millon flowers grow every year! Flowers, windmills, dutch beach, dunes, flower farms, all in one day!

The Bollenstreek (literally is called the ´Bulb Area´) is one of the most famous areas of the world that without a doubt you probably recognize. Each year the Keukenhof is the exhibition location to show the world the Tulips from March till May. Millions of flowers are produced in this area, located between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, which fly out to the rest of the world. Even in your local flower store around the corner. 

This tour will show you how the Dutch arrange all this. At the same time this tour will also show you the best of Dutch countryside. Your audioguide will tell you all about the highlights you will see which you can visit by bike or by Electric Fun Scooter. 

Highlights of the tour:

  • Visit all the typical ´Bollenstreek´ villages on your route like Lisse and Noordwijkerhout
  • The Unique Dune area where you can see that Holland is below sea level
  • The Castle Gardens of the Keukenhof in Lisse (with breathtaking summer flowers like the Dahlia´s)
  • A visit to Flower Farms to understand how it works 
  • An informative and fun audioguide  (available in Dutch, English and German) touring you around the Bollenstreek Area
  •  You can add the Public Transportation Card when you want to travel from Amsterdam to Lisse

How does it work?

You can select the date you want to make the self guided tour. The audioguide is always included.  You can select if you would like to explore the area by bike or by Electric Fun Scooter. You have a reservation for 3,5 hours. After your reservation you will receive a ticket which explains how to get the audioguide and to pick up the bike or Electric Fun Scooter. 

Important to know:

The reservation for the Electric Fun Scooter is for 3,5 hours and the reservation for the bike is for the entire day. Both pick-up locations are in the Bollenstreek and your Public Transportation Card will take you to the location. 

Departure location:

The tour will start in the morning at 10.30h. The Electric Fun Scooter rental is for 3,5 hours (till 14.30h) while the bike rental is valid for the entire day. The departure of the bike tour will start from Hotel De Nachtegaal in Lisse (Heereweg 10, Lisse) while the Electric Fun Scooter will departure from Jacoba van Beierenweg 97 in Voorhout. 


How do I know where to pick up the bike or Electric Fun Scooter?

You will receive a ticket which gives you the information where to pick up the bike or Electric Fun Scooter. 

How does the Public Transportation Card works?

You will receive a ticket for the train from Amsterdam to Sassenheim and a ticket for the bus from Sassenheim Station to Lisse. The bus will stop in front of the bike departure point and close to the Electric Fun Scooter departure point. We will give you exact instructions on how to get in time to the departure location. Do not worry! When you are a bit late that does not matter. Your tickets are 2-way tickets and it takes one hour to get from Amsterdam to the departure point.