Tulipfield Helicopter Flight

Tulipfield Helicopter Flight

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The Netherlands in Spring. An amazing combination for many tourists! There are so many tulip fields in this area you can admire!

Yellow, Red, Orange, Pink, the fields are full with beautiful Tulips everywhere. Did you know the province of Flevoland (close to Amsterdam) is the biggest flowerfield of Holland (and perhaps the world)? Only one hour drive from Amsterdam!

This is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life! First of all you will join a helicopter flight a wonderful view over the many tulipfields in the ´Noordoostpolder´. How many times did you do that in your life? Second of all you will visit the provence of Flevoland. A province that was part of the ´Zuiderzee´ (ocean) but that was poldered into land. A land that has almost 500,000 inhabitants. So don´t worry, not dangerous at all!

You will travel yourself to the Tulipfield Experience (Tulpenbelevingswereld) where you can see a small Keukenhof (460 different kinds of tulips). There is a great Grand Café available to have a coffee or to grab something to eat. From here the Helicopter Flight will departure. After the flight you will departure back to Amsterdam.

Departure time:

10.00h or 14.00h


You can choose if you want to join 6, 9 or 12 minutes. 

Departure location:

From the Tulipfield Experience in Creil. You need a car to arrive at this location. If you don´t have a car book the tickets including the tour (which you can also purchase at Ticketbar under ´Helicopter Tours´) which includes a day out including guide an luxurious coach. There is no public transportation nearby. An exact location will be communcicated in the voucher. 

What is included?

  • Helicopter Flight

What is not included?

  • Drinks or lunch
  • Transportation to the departure location

How does it work?

Select the date you want to join the tour. Than select the amount of adults and children you will be travelling with. After that you can select the amount of minutes you want to fly. Please remember to fill in your phone number after the reservation so the pilot can contact you in case of changes. 

When you book a tour above 9 minutes the tour is always private (you need to book for minimal 2 persons). You will get a headphone and the pilot will tell about the area. 

What is important to know?

There is space for 2 persons in the helicopter. When you want to book for more than 2 persons you will be divided in multiple helicopter flights. When you book for an uneven amount of persons it is possible that one of you will fly with a person who you don´t know.

When you arrive at the helicopter platform it is possible that you have to wait for the exact departure. You can have a drink or walk near the tulipfields for a great picture! When there are no tulips in the period you booked or you booked for a day where the flight needs to be cancelled because of weather conditions you will be reimbursed 100%. 

There are no children prices. Off course a child can join the Helicopter Tour but there are no special children rates. A Helicopter is a pricy piece of equipment and therefore when a seat is reserved a certain amount of costs need to be covered. 


How the tulip fields develop during the season is unpredictable. In a season of high temperatures the tulips can grow fast and the season of visiting the tulip fields is limited to 2 weeks. When March and April are colder the tulip fields can be visited for a longer period. It is possible that the tour is cancelled because there are no tulip fields available because of the weather in March or April. In that case we contact you and reimburse the amount for 100%.

In the event of bad weather the helicopter flight will be cancelled and the guide will inform you in the morning. In that case you will be reimbursed for 100%.